You can make an online reservation by sending your request for stay to one of these email addresses. After we take your request, we have to check our available reservation terms and then we will send you back the information about your request. The earlier you send your request, the bigger possibility is for getting those exact reservations.

After we confirm your request, then you have to pay for your reservation (50-100 €) to our bank account, in order to make your reservation. After we get your money on our account, then your reservation is made. That money will count in your final bill, and it is not refundable if you withdraw your reservation.

Check-in and check-out times:

Check-in time —–> 14:00 (AM) and later

Check-out time —–> 09:00 – 10:00 (AM) and earlier

After you make your reservations, you should take care of your reservation dates, in order to check-in on time. We also kindly ask you to be on time for check-in and especially check-out, in order for us to clean apartments for upcoming guests, just like we did it for you.

Thank you!